Oil and Gas industry

Managing Risk

As the global population rises at an ever-increasing rate and the regulatory environment continues to change, meeting the world’s energy needs puts more pressure on your operations. By reducing downtime, optimizing equipment lifecycles, and lowering operating costs, America Clean Energy can help you meet the complex demands of powering your oil and gas assets.

From exploration and recovery, to filtration and refining, even in harshest conditions, see how we can help the oil and gas industry by designing resilient and custom clean electrification solution.


Optimize performance to lower total cost of ownership

Tougher recovery and changing refining conditions for crude oil and other petrochemicals, poses even greater challenges to your operations and bottom line. Our Advanced Energy storage innovations help to keep critical systems up and running, decrease weight, reduce downtime, and facilitate ease of both installation and maintenance. Our project management can help optimize your investment, while our experts design and retrofit solutions that can extend and optimize your operations.


Increase operational predictability

New and more complex business variables are driving the need to optimize your processes. We help you improve uptime and reduce costs for increased operational predictability with local engineering and servicing. Preventive diagnostics provide longer life cycles in harsh environments. Our oil and gas solutions, remote monitoring, and troubleshooting, reduce the need for planned maintenance and helps to optimize equipment lifecycles and lower operating costs.

Enhance safety to protect people and profit

Undetected safety issues can increase risk to people, profits and reputations. Remote monitoring and communications remove people from danger and prevent system interruptions. Our solutions—including the ACE Power Modules for energy backup, is engineered to perform in harsh and hazardous environments. Our Modules are designed to keep you safe in high-risk environments. America Clean Energy Group complements our offering with customized safety training for your employees.