Utility solutions and expertise at every stage

We specialize in the Engineering, Procurement and Construction of new off grid clean energy projects. Integrating renewables needed to modernize your existing electrical infrastructure, will help you optimize your utility scale operations and maximize your asset utilization.

America Clean Energy will design an affordable, reliable, renewable, and sustainable electricity supply for your company.

The substantial transition into more sustainable energy systems, requires a massive transformation strategy in the delivery of electricity. Today, as policymakers target net-zero emissions, energy producers must transform the energy mix to favor renewable energy sources. At the same time, energy producers must generate far more electrical power to meet increasing demand.

Through our Everything as a Grid approach to the energy transformation, we are increasing and optimizing the available energy the world can rely. America Clean Energy Group creates new possibilities to generate low-carbon energy by supporting a two-way grid. Also, while accelerating plant upgrades and updates, we reconfigure your electrical infrastructure in support of our customer’s plans for new capacity additions with clarity and confidence.


Accelerate the decarbonization of generation

With natural gas becoming the bridge fuel of choice for almost 80% of all new generation plants, the renewable energy transition is well underway. Conventional coal-fired and nuclear power plants are being decommissioned at a record pace, leading to a centralized power generating reality. Traditional grid power delivery is increasingly being replaced a significant array of renewable energy sources. This shift creates an urgent and immediate need for our expert help in transforming existing natural gas generation to more decentralized renewable energy supply and hybrid energy storage solutions.

With one of the largest expert service teams in the industry, we can help you transform your energy infrastructure. Our expansive utility and industrial grade solutions, along with our engineering expertise, America Clean Energy will strive to streamline your renewable interconnection processes.

Navigate and meet changing regulations

Energy requirements and regulations are constantly shifting as policymakers advance their decarbonization goals which subjects your company to significant incremental expenses. America Clean Energy Group works to minimize consumer electricity costs, while regional and international electrical standards are changing to manage bi-directional current flow on the grid and support grid interconnection of distributed energy resources.

When the only constant is change, how can your company comply with and adapt to regulatory requirements?

We provide our customers with the knowledge and insight on where regulations are going and what’s required to stay current. Our multi layered utilities suite and power generation services can help you implement a systematic approach to addressing regulatory requirements. We excel in bridging knowledge gaps.

America Clean Energy Group designs electrical infrastructures needed to withstand extreme conditions. We will meet the energy needs of our clients today and tomorrow, utilizing resilient renewables and proven advanced energy storage technologies.

Manage massive power shifts

With the ongoing energy transition, sources of power become more renewable, and the uses of power become more electric. Electricity is becoming the centralized power source. This new reality conflicts with today’s available power supply.

So, how do you plan for generation sources and manage capacity when renewable energy sources are variable by nature?

Highly accurate predictive diagnostics and network modeling are critical enablers. Our advanced power engineering and analysis tools can help you plan for capacity additions, forecast production, optimize energy storage, support reliable operations, and manage energy assets to support resilient power - no matter what.

Protect people, property, process, and planet

With far more distributed energy resources (DERs) available, the vulnerabilities of your facilities’ energy delivery systems and cyber networks should be considered. In addition, with many aging power plants generating more than 90 gigawatts of power around the world and operating past more than 60% of their planned expectancy, enhancing safety by reducing the risk of arc flash events is a must.

America Clean Energy Group will build a culture of safety by design, through industry training and innovations that help reduce risk. Count on our expertise, education programs and innovations in arc science to advance electrical safety across power generation applications. Our approach includes leadership in cybersecurity through a secure-by-design approach that has yielded many industry firsts. We are passionate about every aspect of safety -- helping you protect your people, property, processes, and of course, the environment.