All of our clean energy solutions are custom designed and built to order.

America Clean Energy Group tailors its systems to comply with the requirements whether that implies moderate, practical, monetarily mindful, or any combination of these. We are world class manufacturers that are pleased to maintain first-class client care, maintenance programs, and empirically fulfilled service professionals to guarantee our clients get the best experience that withstands the trail of time while creating unequivocal value for the investments of its customers.



  • Power Generation & Virtual Power Plants (VPP’s)
  • Power Plants (Solar+ Battery, Wind + Battery, Hydro + Battery)
  • Utility Scale UPS
  • Hydro Carbon VPP’s
  • Commercial/Industrial Microgrids
  • Residential (Solar + Battery)
  • EV Charging Stations
  • Mining, Metals, and Minerals
  • Telecommunications